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Surface & Sample Preparation Equipment

50 Years of Polishing and We Haven't Scratched The Surface 

Thank You for Visiting ULTRA TEC's Technical Products Website! The need to produce precision surfaces with sawing, lapping and polishing operations is extremely widespread throughout manufacturing industry and research. 

ASAP-1 IPS Selected Area Preparation System

ULTRA TEC designs, manufactures and provides advanced surface & sample preparation equipment and consumables for both routine and custom applications in a multitude of industrial settings

 ULTRA TEC offers solutions for  development, analytical  and research  environments, right up to  full production.

Our cutting & polishing products are used on six continents -- supported by full applications and engineering support both at our California HQ, and through a team of dedicated sales and support partners across the globe.


We trust that you will find answers to your initial queries here, along with a wealth of product and application-based information that will be of use. 

Once you need additional information please contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you!


Precision Sawing, Lapping & Polishing Equipment


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Precision Equipment for these Applications:

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A range of premium lapping & polishing films are in stock in 2 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 8 inch diameters. ULTRA TEC offers a wide range of films in Diamond, Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide, as well as several...

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enabling FAILURE ANALYSIS Newsletter

November 2015 -- Read the latest copy of our Surface & Sample Prep Products Newsletter for the microelectronics and related market sectors.