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Realtime Proximity Electronic Endpoint Characterization - extremely thin specimens


PEEC is a new, patent pending, characterization module for ASAP-1 IPS digital sample preparation system. PEEC improves sample preparation techniques, particularly at extremely thin remaining silicon thickness (RST).

PEEC offers several plotting and mapping modes that work in parallel with the ASAP-1 IPS, with the main polishing system acting as the Control Unit.

The Touchscreen on PEEC allows interactive parametric modeling of the Device under Test. 


Sample Preparation with the Lights On!


A key features that PEEC adds to ASAP-1 IPS, is the novel ability to characterize and act upon electronic thresholds obtained from topside circuitry.

This information is gathered REAL TIME, through the polishing media, using the actual polishing bit as the probe.

Knowing this information allows the user to make informed preparation decisions, to achieve exactly the required RST, over the specified die area.

PEEC adds to the Engineers' toolkit in the preparation of parts, for current and future, analytical requirements such as SIL.



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Note: ASAP-1®   is a Registered Trademark.   Portions of the Technology are covered under US and related Worldwide patents - 6,630,369 ;  6,781,232 & 7,066,788. 3 more Patent Pending.

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Product Highlights

  • Sample Preparation with the Lights On!
  • Through-silicon method
  • Uses device IV curves to measure threshold and breakdown characteristics 
  • DYNAMIC - Realtime charaterization through polishing media DURING preparation
  • Suits very thin substrate thicknesses, below measurement limits of other backside measurement methods
  • Additional Plot Mode shows Tool Path -- shows force or electrical properties
  • Oscilloscope Mode
  • Interactive Touchscreen OS



Characterization Module


PEEC - Proximity Electrial Endpoint Characterization Module

Endpointing / Characterization Module -- Includes software and hardware upgrades including external control box and parametric source. Requires Endpoint 1 to have been pre-installed.

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