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... enabling the High Tech Industries

ULTRA TEC Manufacturing, Inc. is a thriving Southern California-based small business. Our continued success is due to having great products, and in having the ability to manufacture, support and sell those products to the high tech industries of the world.

We offer a wide range of surface and sample preparation equipment along with their attendant accessories and consumables, which are used throughout the world. We pride ourselves on having an unique integrated manufacturing capability, using the latest design software and machine shop CNC machinery. Over recent years we have strengthened our in-house knowledge-base with technical staff with academic backgrounds in Physics, Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Materials & Microstructural Engineering, Geological Science and Business. Our Patent and IP portfolio has grown with several key inventions within the fields of polishing optical and electronic materials.

An ASAP-1 in use at one of our lab partners, MEFAS Inc.

All our products are backed by ULTRA TEC's comprehensive before and after-sales support, which includes in-house applications, design, custom manufacturing and sales engineering. We are represented throughout the world by a team of dedicated sales partners. We have also built outstanding relationships with our customers and other suppliers within our key markets - enabling us to move forward with solving tomorrow's polishing needs, together.

We offer a wide range of accessory and consumable products - most in stock or with very short delivery times. We have built excellent long-term working relationships with our suppliers to ensure high quality, consistent supply  of all factored products. 

Our applications laboratory allows for the development of new tools and processes and offers a crucial customer interface through extensive in-house application development, sample preparation and product training. Our products are used by many domestic and international service labs.

We look forward to working with you! 



... Setting Surface & Sample Preparation Standards

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