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Abrasive Blades - aggressive cutting of metallic components

For Precision Saws with 0.5 inch arbor (spindle)

Abrasive (not diamond) blades for use on non-ferrous metals and materials. Available in a standard 0.025" thickness, and a thinner 0.012" thickness for low kerf applications.

Product Highlights

  • General Sawing & Cross-sectioning of non-ferrous and ferrous components 
  • Suit many materials, titanium alloys for medical and QC applications
  • 0.5" ID to suit ULTRASLICE and other precision saws






Blade Thickness


7825.1 4 Non-Ferrous metals 0.025"
7812.1 4 Non Ferrous metals 0.012"
7825.2 4 Steels 0.025"

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