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6360.1S ASAP-1 System with optical alignment

Analog Selected Area Preparation System

Since product launch of the original hardware, ASAP-1® has become the standard piece of preparation equipment that engineers involved in disciplines such as failure analysis, yield enhancement and competitive analysis have come to rely on for backside preparation.

In recent years, driven by exponential growth of newer packaging types; CSP, MCM, BGA, flip chip to name a few; in addition to ever more demanding analytical methods, ASAP-1®'s application array has been expanded to enable mechanical decapsulation and topside de-processing. 

The 2nd Generation ASAP-1® models provide the same intelligent engineering approach and intuitive user interface, whilst incorporating advanced optical sample alignment and high torque motor options to handle the most 'difficult' sample preparations. Aesthetics and system access have also bee in proved to enhance the ease of use.


Our patented ULTRACOLLIMATOR technology allows for fast, accurate and repeatable parallel alignment of the sample surfaces to the preparation system. Since the ULTRACOLLIMATOR LASER beam aligns directly to the die, there is no guesswork or the need to use mechanical indicators. Transfer to and from the microscope is made fast and accurate. Any small realignments can be made quickly and accurately.


ASAP-1® incorporates controls to achieve the alignment and processing of all sizes packages and samples - from sub-mm die / FIB trenches, right up to large flip-chip CPU modules. The system provides X-Y amplitude control -- providing up to 1 inch (25.4mm) maximum cavity size, or an optional 2 inch (50mm) amplitude upgrade, for large large dice and cavities.

The X-Y Independent table movement is now fitted as standard, allowing for single axis trenching and improved angular alignment. ASAP-1®'s tilt table is maintained, allowing for 'in package' tilt to be accommodated, along with the ability to translate the ULTRACOLLIMATOR signal into fast accurate sample alignment.

Recent upgrades to the tool drive include the option for a 3X torque motor, providing the power required to optimize heavy milling and material removal.


The new ASAP-1® models incorporate upgraded controls - including process timer and improved traveling table and motor control. Independent Table Drive Switching, the optional LCD monitor  and ULTRACOLLIMATOR are all controlled from the front panel of the unit. The LCD monitor is switchable between ULTRACOLLIMATOR and MACRO-VISION modes.

The MACRO-VISION camera provides important realtime feedback to the operator, with a magnified view of the sample surface being de-processed, polished or decapsulated.


Product Line Brochure

Note: ASAP-1®   is a Registered Trademark.   Portions of the Technology are covered under US and related Worldwide patents - 6,630,369 ;  6,781,232 & 7,066,788

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  • 6360.2S ASAP-1 system
    6360.2S ASAP-1 system

Product Highlights

  • Suits all sizes of die
  • Low damage patented floating-head polishing method allows for extremely thin samples
  • Mechanical Decapsulation (on S-CSP, BGA, flip chip, power device, MCM package styles and most other styles)
  • Accurately decaps, then thins substrate and polishes
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Enables layer by layer topside removal 
  • Short set-up and process times
  • Easy die-tilt adjustment, 'on the fly'


Order Code Item Description
6360.1S ASAP-1®  with optical Control

Selected Area Preparation System, 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Includes: Motorized X-Y table, tool spindle drive with 1 micron Z-resolution, compound sine tilt-table, timer, independent X-Y table drive, ULTRACOLLIMATOR optical alignment capability, machine vision module, 6.5 inch lcd monitor, sample set-up and loading kit and set of 2mm diameter tools.



Selected Area Preparation System, 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Includes: Motorized X-Y table, tool spindle drive with 1 micron Z-resolution, compound sine tilt-table, timer, independent X-Y table drive, sample set-up and loading kit and set of 2mm tools.

6715.1 High torque Motor (upgrade)

3X Torque motor. Suits aggressive material requirements such as removal of thick heat-sinks, removal of metals.

6720.1 Large X-Y Amplitude (upgrade)

Upgrade to 2 inch (50mm) maximum amplitude for traveling table. Suits large die sizes, boards and modules.

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