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ASAP-1 Basic

1st Generation ASAP-1 Unit

Note: Legacy Product Information - A newer version of this product is available. Click here

Every lab can now produce accurate, reproducible pre-cavitated, thinned and perfectly polished dice for backside analysis. Flip-chip and power chip mechanical decapsulation is now straightforward and accurate. ASAP-1®  DECAP brings cost-effective, bench-top advanced decapsulation and selected area polishing to the electronics community. 

The die, whether in packaged or wafer form, is mounted on a specially designed traveling table oscillates in the X and Y directions.  A rotating tool, controlled in the Z-Direction, means reproducible grinding can be carried out to a specific thickness (routinely to less than 50mm of remaining silicon), finishing with a scratch-free mirror polish. This yields a surface ready for NIR imaging and backside analysis.

By changing tools, in conjunction with loose or fixed abrasives, a scratch-free surface is produced. Heating of the substrate is minimal during processing due to the low damage nature of the process.


Note: ASAP-1®   is a Registered Trademark.   Portions of the Technology are covered under US and related Worldwide patents - 6,630,369 ;  6,781,232 & 7,066788


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Product Highlights

  • Pre-cavitates Topside & Backside
  • Classic ASAP-1® Build - 1st Generation
  • For the budget conscious user who needs industry-proven results
  • Tilt table allows for die tilt
  • Decapsualtion reults may be an end in themselves or ready for final decapsulation with RAPIDETCH (acid) or FA-2000-P (plasma).

ASAP-1® Selected Area Preparation System (1st gen build), 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Includes: Motorized X-Y table, tool spindle drive with 5 micron Z-resolution, compound sine tilt-table, timer, independent X-Y table drive, sample set-up and loading kit and set of 2mm tools.


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