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5-Axis CNC Mill for Selected Area Sample Preparation

Based on a many years of customer input and product development, ULTRA TEC has delivered a single-footprint system that can incorporate an RST Measurement System --allowing measurement of the thickness of remaining silicon without sample transfer. 
ASAP-1 IN SITU includes an entirely new OS, driven by a large touchscreen or mouse & keyboard (and even remotely), that allows for ultimate control of all process parameters -- helping to ensure decap, thinning and polishing success.
The System builds upon the machining specifications and modules available to ASAP-1 IPS, but adds a range of additional features, made possible by additional processing power and the addion of RST.

CAM SELECT ON ASAP-1 IN SITU from ULTRA TEC Manufacturing, Inc. .






A Powerful New Custom Operating System 


An all-new touchscreen OS brings powerful features to help ensure success in all your decap, thinning and polishing applications. 3 high definition cameras -- Target (Straight-down), Process (45 degree), 
and RST/Microscope -- bring the ability to set, monitor and evaluate sample prep progress directly on the screen.



Note: ASAP-1®   is a Registered Trademark.   Portions of the Technology are covered under US and related Worldwide patents - 6,630,369 ;  6,781,232 & 7,066,788. 3 more Patent Pending.

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Product Highlights

* IN SITU RST Upgrade - Eliminates tilt/curve translation errors – single footprint solution

Two RST Versions available:

        Standard (≥10 microns) and added VIS (≥ 10 nm)

* Adaptive Mesh & Curve Mapping

* High- Def Digital Cameras -- all native 4K (UHD)

* Microscope Mode with optional RST Camera

* Work with Overlays - X-RAY and C-SAM images overlaid with live image for improved targeting

* Updated OS Firmware (4.X) to accompany upgrades   

* Option for up to 32” Vision Monitor

* Program by Touch, Mouse/Keyboard or REMOTELY


Order Code Item Description
6760.5 ASAP-1®  IN SITU

DIGITAL Selected Area Preparation System, 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Includes: X-Y table, tool spindle drive with deep sub-micron Z-resolution, +5/-5 degree automated tilt-table, touch-screen programming unit, integrated real-time machine vision, min 10-inch touchscreen lcd monitor, set of 2mm and 3mm tools, 6389.1 Force Feedback module. Mounting Position for optional 24" (min) Monitor. 4K Cameras  (Target & Process)


3D Upgrade Modules


Curvature Correction

Adds sample curvature definition   – Suits decapsulation, thinning, and polishing of packaged dice showing warpage or non-flat conditions. Independent X & Y Axis Correction, AUTOCURVE Mode.  Also adds Stage AUTOTILT function

6686.1 Heat & Cool Thermal Relaxation and Stability Upgrade Adds thermal relaxation capability for warped die. Peltier-based heating plate with 1C accuracy. Hot Plate mode for convenient sample mount/demount. Includes stage, cable, two custom mounting plates with nylon retention screws -- as 6366.1 but adds Chiller unit and software to allow for faster cooling and overall enhanced system thermal stability


Characterization Modules


End-Point Module

High impedance / small capacitance based -- Hardware and Software Upgrade to add end-pointing for enhancement of decap and de-processing


Through-Silicon Measurement System

UT-F3 Thickness Reflectance Measurement System

Offers single or multi-point non-contact measurement (1280-1340nm) of silicon and other semiconductor substrates – measures down to approx. 10 microns RST.  Adds a third 4K (UHD) Camera mounted at the RST Position.


Vis Extension

2nd “VIS” Spectrometer added to the F3 system (requires UT-F3) to allow for measurements down to 10nm RST

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