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Digital Selected Area Preparation System






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System Introduction - 'The Benefits of Going Digital'


Plastic Package Tilt Alignment on ASAP-1 IPS


Thermal Relaxation of IC Packages



Setting X-Y SAP Parameters with Target -- Scan shows Tool Path 




Decapsulation with 0.4mm Diameter Milling Tool




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Note: ASAP-1®   is a Registered Trademark.   Portions of the Technology are covered under US and related Worldwide patents - 6,630,369 ;  6,781,232 & 7,066,788

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  • IPS realtime monitor shows X, Y & Z Positions, speeds feeds & tool diameter
    IPS realtime monitor shows X, Y & Z Positions, speeds feeds & tool diameter

  • machine vision, laser scan, and illumination provide feedback of all parameters
    machine vision, laser scan, and illumination provide feedback of all parameters

Product Highlights

  • Suits all sizes of die - package, wafer and board-level
  • Real Time Video Monitor with system parameter
  • Touchscreen control with physical joystick & controls
  • Rigidized Table Assembly and closed-loop, high-torque, motor control enhances the machining of tough and hard materials
  • X, Y and Z axes all have deep sub-micron accuracy
  • Accurately decaps, then thins substrate and polishes
  • Patented Floating Head provides a true polishing action -- yields polishing quality & high survivability
  • Intuitive menus provide a powerful, easy to use, system
  • USB Flash Driveinterface for preparation recipe storage
  • Short set-up and process times
  • Accurate die-tilt adjustment ‘on the fly’
  • Bench-top & Quiet in Operation





Z-Vertical Direction Precision

0.04 microns (40 nanometers)

Table Precision (X& Y Travel)

0.2 microns (200 nanometers)

Table Travel Amplitude

100mm x 100mm

Polishing Method

Patented ASAP-1 Float-down head, with Z-lock, enhanced with electronic sensors and tool patterns


Real-time machine vision with 6.5 inch video monitor. External Video Output (NTSC)

Programming Input Method

Touchscreen with joystick and 3 physical rotary encoders 

Machine Vision

Real-time Video of overlaid with stage and process variables.

Tilt Control

Computer-aided 2-circle tilt control, ULTRACOLLIMATOR Measurement (option) 

Force Control

1000grams (max) with 1 gram precision. Overall accuracy +/- 10 grams

Recipe Load & Save

USB Port, for removable flash drive (up to 2Gb)

Z Position Touch-off Method

Mechanical Positioning with Force-feedback (option) sensors.

X & Y Position

LASER Targeting

Power Consumption

300 Watts Maximum in use

Power Requirements

Universal: 100-120VAC;  200-240VAC


19 inches (480mm) Width x 25 inches (635 mm) Depth x 22 Inches (560mm) Height


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