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Chip-Off for Digital Forensics

Chip-Off for Digital Forensics

ULTRAPOL Basic Chip-Off Package

The gathering and maintenance of data evidence is the overriding requirement for law enforcement professionals  engaged in Digital Forensics. Mobile devices provide information (texts, emails, phone calls, GPS) relative to a crime suspect's whereabouts and communications provide important...

Blue Mill

low speed IC and pcb mill
Introducing the Blue Mill Low speed milling machine. Part of ULTRA TEC's Thin Blue (product) Line. NO COMPUTER REQUIRED! Every lab can now produce accurate chip-offs, reproducible pre-cavitated devices -- ready for testing or final decapsulation with chemicals or plasma. Low Speed Milling =...


  ULTRASLICE Macrotome precision diamond saw has a quiet, safe, direct drive design for smooth, chatter free slicing system for important and fragile industrial samples.   The system is perfect for the sectioning of cellphone devices and components to allow for downstream chip-off...

ULTRAPOL Basic Manual Chip-Off System

ULTRAPOL Basic shown with UPF-201 Manual Chip-off tool
ULTRAPOL Basic lapping and polishing machine offers the build-quality required for high precision manual polishing of materials for production, research and NAND flash chip-off in digital forensics. The system has an 8 inch, replaceable polishing plate, faucet coolant, and dual lap direction....
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ULTRAPOL FIBERLAB Module System is a new product in ULTRA TEC’s Fiber Optic Polishing Product Line.  The main...


ICis Microscope offers 3 Advanced Imaging Modes for the IC Product Engineer

ICis is an advanced modular microscope offering up to 3 standard imaging modes -- NIR for Backside Imaging, UV for highest resolution, and Megapixel Color Imaging for topside parallel polishing. The...