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ULTRAPOL Fiberlab Module System

  >> Click for NEW Brochure --  Download and View Online ULTRAPOL FIBERLAB Module System is a new product in ULTRA TEC’s Fiber Optic Polishing Product Line.  The main FIBERLAB system provides all the angular control and polishing features required for the effective...


NANOpol offers the fiber optic communications industry the ability to produce accurate polished bevels on bare optical fibers.  Angular control is achieved with the advanced positioning features of the integral micropositioned polishing head.  Designed for the price-conscious university...

Fiber Lensing


The ULTRAPOL Fiberlab Microscope works in conjunction with the ULTRAPOL Fiber Lensing Machine. The system incorporates a high magnification 'Off-line' Camera to provide measurement and QA capabilities. An optional 'On-line' Camera is used to monitor the fiber's progress on the...
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ULTRAPOL FIBERLAB Module System is a new product in ULTRA TEC’s Fiber Optic Polishing Product Line.  The main...

Company News

Introducing 'In-Situ' RST Measurement & Ultra-High Definition Targeting for Micro-electronic Sample Prep

November 28, 2017

Shown for the first time at ISTFA 2017 -- ULTRA TEC is pleased to introduce a major...


Easy sample transfer to and from the Hotplate

The Hotplate Transfer Device holds the sample holder during sample mounting / demounting and allows for rapid transfer when hot. No need for tongs! Click for more