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Precision Sawing

Precision Sawing


  ULTRASLICE Macrotome precision diamond saw, is a quiet, direct drive design for smooth, chatter free slicing system for important and fragile industrial, hard tissue, biological and certain industrial specimens.   The system suits Fish & Game applications, such as Otolith...


ULTRATRIM is a low cost, entry-level, precision sawing machine for producing rapid cross-sections for microscopy and QC checks. The saw includes a straightforward coolant reservoir, the saw blade dips into the reservoir for effective cooling and lubrication of the sawing process. An...


For the user who wants all the functionality and unique control of cutting parameters offered by a high end saw, while working on a tight budget or with limited lab space, ULTRASLICE Compact  provides the answer. The system features an integral coolant recirculation system which...


Developed to facilitate precision sectioning applications in Industry and Research, ULTRASLICE Precision Saw provides the user with a unique combination of features: VERSATILE SAMPLE HOLDING  The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes, and...
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ULTRAPOL FIBERLAB Module System is a new product in ULTRA TEC’s Fiber Optic Polishing Product Line.  The main...


Easy sample transfer to and from the Hotplate

The Hotplate Transfer Device holds the sample holder during sample mounting / demounting and allows for rapid transfer when hot. No need for tongs! Click for more