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Counterfeit Prevention

Trusted tools for the identification of counterfeit components...

Counterfeit products are entering the marketplace through increasingly sophisticated methods. These products jeopardize the entire supply chain and already cost the electronics industry many millions of dollars each year.

Fortunately, cost-effective decapsulation solutions are at hand that allow rapid and consistent visibility of the decapsulated die -- allowing the parts supplier an upper hand in atttacking the problem of counterfeit avoidance head on.

THE PROBLEM:  Counterfeit Chips!

The following video from Business Week describes certain examples and sources of counterfeit chips and how they (re)enter the microelectronics market.



THE SOLUTION:  Increased vigilance through increased testing!

ULTRA TEC offers a wide selection of products to enhance every electronic component suppliers' toolkit for spotting counterfeit devices.

Blue Mill provides a cost-effective benchtop Pre-cavitation and elastomer gasket milling capability to the counterfeit prevention community.


RAPIDETCH Chemical Decapsulation system offers low-cost, easy to use, effective chip access -- for a wide range of plastic packages.  

RAPIDETCH's unique pivot arm allows for all sizes of part to be held 

RAPIDETCH's design solves a key weakness of earlier industry systems. RAPIDETCH, uniquely, can be allowed to sit idle for minutes, hours and even several days without any adverse effects. This especially suits low and medium volume customers, who might have highly variable workloads. RAPIDETCH is ready when you are!

When pre-cavitation is required, we offer mechanical means - our ASAP-1® achieves fast and effective chip access results. ASAP-1 can also be used for the production of 'in house' gaskets to be used in RAPIDETCH


              DECAP...DONE RIGHT!       OUR APPS LAB


De-Lidding Hermetic Seals

For ceramic componenets and packages and modules with metal hermetic seals, our ULTRASLICE Precision Saw offers an unique 'Z Spindle' which allows 'rapid on the fly' height changes to allow the user to get to the die fast. See the video below



Serving Businesses Large & Small

For larger electronics industry businesses - with test floors, analytical and QC laboratories - the addition of equipment is generally a known ongoing business expense.

For smaller businesses such as Specialist Component Warehouses or OEM suppliers (that supply the larger entities), the decision to add decapsulation equipment  is potentially one of investing in a first piece of equipment. Don't worry, we can help you! 

ULTRA TEC has worked for many years with all types of customer. We offer the component industry's most cost-effective equipment and we can even complete DECAP LAB SOLUTIONS or offer suggestions of appropriate fume hood and safety equipment, and offer applications education to achieve the most effective results.


Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your component decapsulation needs. We look forward to working with you!


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