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Crystal Wax

Mounting Compound

Crystal Wax is a temporary mounting adhesive, which shows a relatively high bond strength and adheres to most engineering materials. It softens at a low temperature, making it perfect for electronic materials.

It can be applied directly from the stick, or small shards can be broken from the stick and applied to the sample mounting plate and melted on a hot plate, before applying the sample. It may also be dissolved in acetone and then 'painted' onto a larger mounting plate -- this method works for larger wafer pieces.

After the cutting or polishing task is complete Crystal Wax is readily removed with acetone.


Softening Point: 71°C (160°F)

Flow/Melting Point:120 °C (250°F)

Product Highlights

  • Softens at 71°C (160°F) for easy mounting
  • Strong bond
  • Removed completely with Acetone
Order Code Description Size
2387.1 Crystal Wax Adhesive Stick 70ml


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