Enabling Mobile Device Digital Forensics


The rapid and unstoppable move of communications and computing towards mobile devices creates ever new challenges for digital forensics. New levels of device encryption, across a range of hardware and software platforms, require new, high accuracy, high yield chip-access and sample prep techniques. Where manual chip-offs need further consistency or controllability, the machinery systems from ULTRA TEC can help.

Advanced Chip-Off Techniques


For the collection of hard-to-access digital evidence from mobile devices using chip-off techniques, ULTRA TEC provides a suite of tools for advanced chip-off, de-lidding, decapsulation and sample prep. Using market-tested mechanical decapsulation, and chemical decapsulation techniques, our sample prep systems enable access to all sizes of part – from full-size motherboards and modules down to the smallest component-level and surface-mount devices.

Our Product Solutions Include:


ASAP-1 IPS is a digital mill and sample prep system for decapsulation and thinning of single components on a board. Most operations are electronically 'non-destructive' and allow physical chip-access for the re-bonding or running electronic boundary (JTAG) scans and chip tests.


Blue Mill allows for milling and pre-cavitation of single devices on boards for labs with smaller budgets.


RAPIDETCH Chemical Decapsulator uses acids to remove (decapsulate) mold compound, gaining access to die circuitry, without the removal of bondwires.


ULTRASLICE Precision Saw enables Cross-sectioning, decapsulation and the opening of hermetic seals – to gain access to electrical, radiation or RF-shielded chips inside.


ULTRAPOL Advance lapping and polishing machine allows for extremely parallel polishing of components to enable depackaging and advanced techniques such wire-to-wire re-bonding.


For more information on how we can help in your chip-off, circuit-access or sample prep application, please contact ULTRA TEC.