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Electronic Failure Analysis

The ever increasing complexity of circuitry and related component packaging demands ever better quality in the sample preparation of electronic devices for failure analysis, competitive analyis and yield enhancement. ULTRA TEC offers the industry's widest range of sample preparation equipment to assist the electronic engineer in tackling problems head-on.  



Rapid, convenient, and reproducible saw cuts can be made with ULTRASLICE  or ULTRATRIM precision saws to reveal hidden defects, after subsequent lapping and polishing. 

ULTRAPOL Advance parallel lapping offers high quality samples preparation, whether for topside, backside or cross-section. Use of the ULTRACOLLIMATOR makes sample alignment fast and accurate, compared with older systems that require long-winded mechanical indicators for alignment.  

Since product launch, ASAP-1® has become the standard piece of preparation equipment that engineers involved in disciplines such as failure analysis, yield enhancement and competitive analysis have come to rely on for backside preparation. In recent years, driven by exponential growth of newer packaging types; CSP, MCM, BGA, flip chip to name a few; in addition to ever more demanding analytical methods, ASAP-1®'s application array has been expanded to enable mechanical decapsulation, assurance of radiation-hard devices and topside de-processing. 

ARC-lite is used as a free-standing unit for AR coating polished backside surfaces. The samples produced are wavelength-optimized and require no baking.



Decapsulation is covered in more detail in the DECAPSULATION and COUNTERFEIT PREVENTION Application Areas. ULTRA TEC offers the widest selection of leading decapsulation systems on the market.
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