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End-Point Detection Module for Improved Electronic Package Decapsulation & Sample Preparation

September 1, 2012 – ULTRA TEC Manufacturing, Inc. (Santa Ana, CA) announces the availability of a new END-POINT DETECTION MODULE for the popular ASAP-1 IPS Selected Area Preparation System.

The End-point Detection Module is a hardware and software enhancement (patent pending) for the ASAP-1 IPS that provides the capability to quantify and act upon the capacitive and/or resistive properties of electronic device and packaging materials, in order to enhance the sample preparation process. Controlled microsurgery, with interactive end-pointing, opens the door for improved resolution with SQUID Microscopy, INSB thermography (Lock-In), Thermal Laser Stimulus and similar techniques without fully exposing the die topside or by stopping a few microns before target on silicon from the backside.

ASAP-1 IPS is a digital sample preparation system for the decapsulation, thinning and polishing of packaged and wafer-level devices. Drawing on ULTRA TEC’s knowledge and market leadership in the selected area preparation area, ASAP-1 IPS has been designed to be specifically ‘device centric’ – using a combination of advanced programming and tool patterns, force feedback and live machine-vision - to help the user obtain the best results with the highest yield.

The End-point module will be available for demonstration the upcoming ISTFA 2012 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. More information at


Fig 1-  (Main Image) – shows an integrated circuit on a graphics board being prepared on the ASAP-1 IPS in End-point Detection Mode.


Fig2 - shows a 4 x 4mm pocket area backside thinned into an IC on a deliberate tilt to confirm endpoint capability.  The indicated spot shows the  thinnest remaining silicon (2.5microns) on the left.  The  Upper image shows the fringes at 1064nm and the Lower image is a C-SPM image of the area of interest, also produced on the ASAP-1 IPS system.

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