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F3 Series

Remaining Silicon Thickness (RST) Measurement Tool


The F3-SeriesThickness Measurement System offers single or multi-point non contact measurement of silicon, and other semiconductor substrates.

Designed and developed by a team that specializes in a range of thin film and related measurement tools, F3- Series provides accurate measurement of substrate materials -- from full die thickness to moderately thinned die.  Reproducible results can also be achieved on pre-polished and even gray (lapped) surfaces.

The measured points can be produced as a stepped matrix across the device being prepared, and can be saved in Report or as data-sets -- allowing input into the ASAP-1 IPS system This allows for process modification and helps ensure the best thickness uniformity results are achieved.

The resulting thinned surfaces can be taken to extremely thin RST's by moving to ULTRA TEC's PEEC Parametric analysis-based Metrology tool.  


F3- Series is available from ULTRA TEC and a selection of our international partners.

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  • Integrated Prep Lab incorporates F3 System with ASAP-1 IPS & PEEC module
  • Image of ULTRATHINNED part (<3 microns RST) with overlaid RST values
  • Part ultrathinned with ASAP-1 IPS, ready for measurement with F3+VIS System

Product Highlights

  • Automated X-Y or manual positioning options
  • Through-thickness measurements
  • Results possible after earlier pre-polish steps 
UT-F3 F3 Thickness Measurement System -- offers single or multi-point non contact measurement of silicon, and other semiconductor substrates - down to approx 8 microns 8 microns RST
UT-F3VIS VIS Extension to allow reading sub micron RST measurement -- down to less than 10nm RST

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