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Fiber Optics

Optical fiber is an excellent vehicle for high-speed data transmission as long as light transmission is efficient - even across connector assemblies. This translates to a need to polish connector end faces to optimize performance. Increasingly, with the adoption of newer fiber configurations, as well as ever-tightening specifications, automation of the polishing process is a necessity.

ULTRA TEC provides a leading range of polishers to the fiber optic industry -- from manual polishing and low production of single patchcords, through 'in the field' polishing, right up to mass production on our new FIBERTEC machine.



Our Product Solutions

FTTx  is our hand-held polisher for retro-polishing i.e. polishing connectors that have been previously installed, to bring them up to current industry specifications. FTTx is supplied as a fully-configured unit, ready to be used with your choice of connector holders. A bench-top stand is even included, so FTTx can be quickly turned into a polishing lab machine.

The CTC polisher offers the same  great polishing specs as FTTx, however it is

 provided in a sturdy bench-top configuration for small to medium production. UT-Minipol-1 is a single position machinewith the  widest range of holders available -- even bare fibers.

For users with very small budgets, ULTRATOOL provides the answer.It can be manually on our glass plate, or held against the rotating lap on a mechanical polishing wheel.

Mass production polishing is handled by FIBERTEC -- our new workhorse system for cable houses, factories and larger scale user.



Bare Fibers

For users who are primarily interested in bare fibers, ULTRA TEC offers the NANOpol Bare Fiber Beveling Machine and the ULTRAPOL range: the End and Edge polisher allows for polishing of bare fiber (and connectors etc.) ends from 0 to 10 degrees; the Fiber lensing system offers the means to sculpting, or lensing, the end of the fiber.

We also a wide range of lapping films -- many of which are in stock. Whatever your fiber optic polishing requirement, ULTRA TEC has the tools you need to enhance your results. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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