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Flip-over Workholder

Allows optical alignment of non-optically-accessible parts

Re-mounting station for Xybove final polishing tips. The XYBOVE Re-Application Tool makes replacing XYBOVE Tips straightforward and rapid -- especially on smaller 1mm and 2mm diameter tools.

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Flip-over Sample Holder

Allows for ULTRACOLLIMATOR alignment of packages and samples that have no access for ‘opposite-side’ alignment.

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ULTRAPOL FIBERLAB Module System is a new product in ULTRA TEC’s Fiber Optic Polishing Product Line.  The main...

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ISTFA 2018 - Color Images - First Place Winner

November 12, 2018 - ULTRA TEC (Santa Ana, CA) are pleased to announce that 1st Place in the Color Images Category at ISTFA 2018 Photo Competition was won by Tim...


Antireflective coating offers optimized backside imaging

ARC-lite provides a rapid, easy-to-apply and effective coating for improving backside imaging on thinned and polished semiconductor substrates. By applying a few drops of ARC-lite Imaging fluid and a short 45 second...