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Fynn and Powell

Book: Cutting and Polishing Optical and Electronic Materials

Fynn and Powell is unversally acknowledged as a key text on the cutting and polishing of optical and electronic materials.

The book offers an unique insight into the development of what became the MICROSLICE and MULTIPOL product lines, along with providing extremely detailed applications and metrology results and comparison tables.


Long since out of print - although still available as 'print to order' and in used-bookstores, two editions of Fynn and Powell were published.



Sleeve Notes from the Second Edition:

This new edition of Fynn & Powell's highly successful 'The Cutting and Polishing of Electro-optic Materials' will serve as a practical 'hands on' guide to the machining of precision optical surfaces on on optical and electronic materials. Clearly based on the sound experience and skills of the authors, the original book was quickly established as the standard work on this subject.

This enlarged and updated edition covers several new materials and techniques. It describes shaping and measurement instruments and explains the practical details of the cutting, polishing, specimen handling and related operations. Detailed directions are included for the working of over a hundred specific materials, ranging from robust solid state laser crystals to fragile semiconducting compounds. The title reflects a wealth of experience gathered in Government Reasearch Establishments which specialise in making new materials and includes information that is not readily available elsewhere. Sufficient detal is provided for readers to construct and use the equipment in their own production laboratories. Primarily intended for technicians working with optical and electronic materials it is also relevant to optical devices, metallography, ceramics, geology, gemstones, metrology and production engineering.

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  • Fynn & Powell - First Edition
  • Fynn & Powell - Second Edition


Title Authors Publisher ISBN
The Cutting and Polishing of Electro-optic Materials (First Edition, 1979) GW Fynn & WJA Powell Adam Hilger 0-85274-302-5
Cutting and Polishing Optical and Electronic Materials (Second Edition, 1988) GW Fynn & WJA Powell Adam Hilger 0-85274-373-4



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