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Height Indicators

Fast, accurate drop-down gauges


ULTRA TEC's  height indicators allow for a no-nonsense method of accurately measuring material removed by surface preparation processes.

They provide an 'insurance policy' reference point, in case machine settings are forgotten or as a second opinion. 

A choice of digital or analog indicators is available - offering a range to meet accuracy requirements and budgets.

Both variants incorporate a granite base and rigid Z-direction mounting post for maximum reproducibility. 

The indicators are typically used along with ULTRA TEC's range of sample preparation systems.

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Product Highlights

  • Choice of Accuracy
  • Digital and Analog versions
  • granite bases available in other sizes for custom requirements 
6383.5 Digital Height Indicator - 1 micron accuracy - 25mm range
6383.1 Analog Height Indicator - 10 micron accuracy - 25mm range
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