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Interactive Graphics for IC Sample Prep

Expanded Software Toolkit for IC sample prep


Feb 18th, 2019 - ULTRA TEC Manufacturing Inc., Santa Ana, Calif., announces the availability of a greatly expanded software toolkit for its ASAP-1 In Situ 5-axis mill and selected area polishing station. The new software tools enable profiling and processing of curved and warped surfaces seen in the wide array of today’s packaged IC devices. These new adaptive techniques build on ASAP-1 In Situ’s unique built-in through-thickness (RST) spectrometer.


In addition to offering a new interactive graphical approach for modeling curvature profiles in both X and Y planes, high resolution mesh models can also be added to the profile to both fine-tune ultimate uniformity and produce high-yield polishing results. This suits applications such as ultrathinning for VLP, SIL lens, FIB, and emission microscopy, as well as for accurate decap for stacked-die and other multi-chip usage cases.


Further to the adaptive modeling capabilities, ASAP-1 In Situ now adds an in-line optical microscope capability -- enabling the engineer to monitor and control all aspects of sample prep on the machine, without the need for sample transfer to external imaging and measurement tools -- from start-to-end of the prep process.


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