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Congratulations to the Authors of the ISTFA 2012 Best and Outstanding Papers!

Santa Ana, CA (Jan 15th, 2013) ULTRA TEC Manufacturing, Inc.,  joins the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society -- EDFAS ( ) in congratulating the recipients of the Best Paper Awards @ ISTFA 2012.


Congratulations to the authors of the ISTFA 2012 Best and Outstanding Papers!  

Best Paper: 

FemtoFarad/TeraOhm Endpoint Detection for Microsurgery of Integrated Circuit Devices

-- Mr. Jim Colvin, FA Instruments, San Jose, CA

Outstanding Paper:

Advanced Physical Analysis Methodologies for Yield and Reliability of 28-nm, Bulk-Si, Flip-Chip ICs using SEM and Backside Deprocessing

--  Dr. Yuanjing (Jane) Li, Steven Scott and Howard Lee Marks, Silicon Failure Analysis Lab, nVIDIA Corporation, Santa Clara, CA


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