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Manual Planar Polishing Tool (UPF201 Series)

For Chip-Off and Device Deprocessing

A series of manual fixtures that allow for the planar grinding and polishing in a range of applications.

The sample or part to be prepared is mounted onto a metallic SEM-style stub with Crystal Wax. The stub fits into the UPF201 holder with an ingenious spring-loaded mounting mechnanism, where it can be tilt-corrected for removal co-planarity with device circuity or pcb/package layers.

Manual Tools are available with either TEFLON (UPF201) wear pads  -- suited for semiconductor failure analysis, or Stainless Steel (UPF201S) wear feet -- for ruggedized removal of pcb materials for mobile device chip-off.

UPF201S also forms part of the ULTRAPOL Basic Chip-off Package, where it is held by the LONG ARM positioner for semi-automatic preparation.

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  • The Manual Tool held in the LONG ARM Positioner

Product Highlights

  • Great delayering results for a low cost
  • Easy to use, easy to align
  • Available with Teflon (maximum removal control) and Stainless Steel (maximum longevity) wear feet.


UPF201S Manual Chip-off Tool – Rugged(Stainless Steel Wear Feet)
UPF201 Manual Planar Polishing Tool – ( Teflon Steel Wear Feet)
UPPSMSS  Mounting Stubs for UPF201 -- Pack of 5 
UTBRS Teflon Wear Blocksfor UPF201 -- 2 replacement sets
UTBSS Stainless Steel Wear Feet for UPF201S -- 4 replacement sets

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