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Medical devices such as endoscopes, arthroscopes and many others require controlled transmission of light for success in their end use. ULTRA TEC’s equipment achieves the highest quality polished surfaces on optic, electro-optic and fiber optic components.Finished components are typically required to pass  laser energy to a surgical or sensor interface.

Workpieces used in medical devices vary widely in size, shape and encapsulation type (often the components are bare fibers , sometimes held in rigid or flexible handpieces). This means high versatility is required from the processing equipment, coupled with high flexibility and convenience of use, to accommodate the needs of R&D, up to high production throughputs of (often) many thousands of components per month.

ULTRAPOL polishers have become standard products in the medical device industry, meeting all the criteria specified above. ULTRA TEC has worked with many medical device manufacturers; from initially ‘developing a process’, in supplying custom workholder designs and offering technical advice in process-route optimization; right up to providing on-going technical and consumables support after customers’ FDA and associated Approvals, with the attendant ramp-up of production schedules.


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