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MULTIPOL Lapping & Polishing Plates

A range of surfaces for various materials

A wide range of lapping and polishing surfaces for the MULTIPOL machines. The plates are all made to the highest standard to allow for optical surface production, in conjunction with MULTIPOLS' reciprocating roller bar mechanism.

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  • Using a razor blade for redressing a polyurethane-faced lap

Product Highlights

  • A wide range of preparation plates and surfaces
  • All have standard screw-type MULTIPOL mounting method

8 Inch (203mm) diameter plates



6191.8 Cast Iron scrolled 
6193.8   Copper faced
 6195.8 Solder faced 
 6197.8 Cast Iron plain 
6199.8 Stainless Steel plain
6206.8 Polyurethane faced


10 Inch (254mm) diameter plates



6191.1 Cast Iron scrolled 
6193.1   Copper faced
 6195.1 Solder faced 
 6197.1 Cast Iron plain 
6199.1 Stainless Steel plain
6206.1 Polyurethane faced

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