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Bare Fiber Beveling System

NANOpol offers the fiber optic communications industry the ability to produce accurate polished bevels on bare optical fibers. 

Angular control is achieved with the advanced positioning features of the integral micropositioned polishing head. 

Designed for the price-conscious university and research environments, NANOpol uses a 4 inch diameter polishing lap – a size specially chosen for improved flatness/run-out and low consumables costs. 


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NANOpol Fiber Polishing Machine

Includes: NANOPOL Base unit with 4" o.d lapping plate, Fiber Polishing Micropostitioner

Produces bevels and flat polishes.

Power: 110 V / 60Hz and 220 to 240V, 50 Hz

1851.01 Lensing Module Add-on BF Ball Tip For BF Ball Tip
1851.07 Lensing Module Add-on BF Single Flat Tip For BF Single Flat Tip
8010.01 4" Aluminum Carrier Plate Hard surface
8010.02 4" Resilient Carrier Plate Rubbery surface
8010.03 Weight Kit    
1535.01 Quick-Release Mount  Quick-Release (QR) Interface to allow for Standard Workholders
2358.01 Ferrule Forming Lap  Ferrule Forming Lap (6 micron Plated Diamond Lap)
8010.05 Ferrule Clearing Wire  
4444.04 4" Bare-fiber Polishing Film Package  
QR Holders    
2703.1 SMA 905 One Position Connector Holder
2703.6 SMA 906 One Position Connector Holder
2707.XXX Bare fiber holder Bare-fiber Workholder - One Position - Specify O.D. of Stripped Fiber

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