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The requirement of to produce optical surfaces that transmit light correctly is widespread through Industry. ULTRA TEC has had a wide involvement with clients requiring generally flat surfaces on smaller optical sub-assembly components. Processing of flats, windows, and prisms is made straightforward with our ULTRAPOL machines, that incorporate advanced micropositioners, and are equipped with ‘Quick Release’ workholders to hold samples of most sizes, shapes and orientations firmly and accurately. In most cases surface preparation is possible without the need for waxes or cements, due to the unique design of workholders for typical and custom integrated optics, bare fiber and related applications.

For larger surfaces, the MULTIPOL polishers provide the answer for achieving optically flat (and parallel) surfaces. MULTIPOL's provide a cost-effective means of producing and refurbishing extremely flat and parallel laser rods of materials such as YAG, ruby, sapphire and other crystal materials. The system is used in conjunction with a precision polishing jig, that allows precise alignment and incorporates an independent central sample loading section. The hollow center allows a laser rod to be accurately mounted and prepared at both ends, but also facilitates use of the ULTRACOLLIMATOR optical tool, to provide alignment and overall parallelism down to a few seconds of arc.

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