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Plasma Final Decapsulation Unit for Plastic IC Packages

PLASER offers final decapsulation for precavitated plastic IC packages of most types and sizes. Proven to work with copper and other technologies, PLASER allows final 'dry' decapsulation, down to the die surface, without the use of acid. PLASER uses a novel design incorporating BSET EQ's Plasma recipes, and FillerBlast™ technology

PLASER is available in a standalone format, that can be added to any decapsulation lab toolkit.

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  • The integrated PLASER hardware before mounting in the BLASER

Product Highlights

  • Available in STAND-ALONE or INTEGRATED versions
  • Adds Final Decapsulation Capability with no acid required
  • Enables Turnkey decapsulation -- in a single footprint 
  • Large Chamber Size -- can allow for multiple parts to processed simultaneously for higher volume decapsualtion.  


Main Unit PLASER Plasma Chamber with automatic door
Material Removal Method

Plasma and BSET FillerBlast™

Filtering Vacuum pump and Filter for particules
Mass Flow 3 Mass Flow Controllers for O2, CF4 and other gases
Plasma type ICP (Inductive Coupled Plasma)
RF RF 300W generator
Control Unit Automatic RF tune and Baratron vacuum Gauge

Independent color LCD touchscreen gathering all the controls

Sample Thermal control Thermal regulation of the sample stage (20/100°C) - option
FREE-STANDING SYSTEM Please note that PLASER is also available as a free-standing floor unit, for use with SESAME and other pre-cavitation systems -- Footprint 32”W x 24” D x 42" Tall


Note: ULTRA TEC is the representative for PLASER equipment on the East Coast of the USA. Customers in other territories and for other applications should contact BSET EQ directly.

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