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Precision Polishing Jigs

The ULTRA TEC Precision Polishing Jigs, allow the user to produce the finest results of sample flatness and parallelism. Precision Jigs work in conjunction with suitable "true flat lapping" machines such as the MULTIPOL range. Precision jigs offer:

A wide range of sample mounting methods,

Precise alignment of wafer sample face to the polishing plate, and 

Precise control of loading pressure for optimum results

The jigs provide the means to achieve sample parallelism down to a few seconds of arc (when used with 61.83.M ULTRACOLLIMATOR). Precision polishing jigs are available for max. 2 inch, 3 inch or 4 inch diameter wafers or samples. ULTRA TEC also offers the ability to provide special workholders and conditioning rings for customers with custom needs.

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  • Precision jig in its stand showing optional 6304.X X-sectioning vise
  • Mechanical alignment of a sample with the 6145.1 Precision Micromount

Product Highlights

  • Jigs incorporate a 'hard stop' to prevent additional material removal after the process end-point.
  • ULTRA TEC Precision Jigs are fully sealed to prevent abrasives jamming any moving parts during or between processes
  • The jigs are chemically resistant and capable of polishing with all techniques
  • Vacuum fixtures are also available for 'no-cement' mounting


Order Code Description

2 inch Precision Jig, with stand, mounting plate, pull rod, weight kit


3 inch Precision Jig, with stand, mounting plate, pull rod, weight kit  


4 inch Precision Jig with stand, mounting plate, pull rod, weight kit

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