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Top Surface Profile Scanning Now Available for improved Device Thinning & Precision Decap

Santa Ana (10/19/2019) -- A new physical-contact Top Surface Scanning mode joins the feature set on ULTRA TEC’s ASAP-1 IN SITU Selected Area Prep System. Top Surface Scanning proves especially advantageous for when removing distinct successive material layers within semiconductor packages — such as multi-die stacks — where dies often need to be individually mapped to ensure resultant decapsulation success.

Top Surface Scanning, moreover, makes data immediately available to improve the final backside prep of ‘difficult’ packaged die - with a much smaller amount of bulk die material needed for re-working’ initial lower-fidelity thinning operations – such as from low-end flat lapping systems or mills.  

Top Surface Scanning joins the unique feature set available on ASAP-1 in SITU, which already incorporates device-centric features such as the ability to  overlay live stage views with imported (x-ray, c-sam, previous part, bonding diagram etc.) images, die-tilt and curvature measurement and mitigation. In addition, robust in situoptions are available for through-die RST mesh mapping to achievehigh uniformity backside die thinning and polishing and single-micron RST ultra-thinning.

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