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ULTRAPOL Basic Chip-Off Package

for Digital Forensics Chip-Off

The gathering and maintenance of data evidence is the overriding requirement for law enforcement professionals  engaged in Digital Forensics. Mobile devices provide information (texts, emails, phone calls, GPS) relative to a crime suspect's whereabouts and communications provide important evidence for an investigation. 

Chip-Off is an important technique for digital forensics labs that need to access data from mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablet computers. Older thermal techniques, using a heat-gun and a tweezer, have low yields and can lead to an unacceptable loss of data. ULTRA TEC has developed a range of mechanical machinery (precision sawing, milling and flat grinding) that keep process temperatures low and can prepare NAND Flash devices from all directions -- leading to consistency between users, and the highest yield -- with maintenance of crucial data.

We are pleased to offer you cost-effective sample prep equipment with the minimum requirements for spare parts and ongoing maintenance – no nasty pricing ‘surprises’ down the road!

Further Reading: "Seeking the Truth from Mobile Evidence" by John Bair, 1st Edition. Chapter 27

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Product Highlights

  • Package includes Polisher, Positioner Arm, Sample Holder & Consumables
  • Produce Excellent results, independent of operator skill level
  • Small footprint benchtop machinery
  • Affordable for all sizes of Crime Lab
  • Digital Forensics Industry Standard Equipment

Chip-off Package & Machinery 


ULTRAPOL Basic Chip-Off Package --(includes 1209.1 ULTRAPOL Basic,1691.1 Long Arm Positioner, UPF201S Manual Tool & M.82SK.1 Start-up Consumables)

1209.1 ULTRAPOL Basic Polishing Machine - base only
M.82SK.1 Start-up Consumables Package
1691.1 Long Arm Positioner, includes UPF201S and Cuff Mount 


Chip-off Manual Polishing Tools

UPF201S Manual Chip-off Tool – Rugged(Stainless Steel Wear Feet)
UPF201 Manual Chip-off Tool – ( Teflon Steel Wear Feet)
UPPSMSS  Mounting Stubs for UPF201 -- Pack of 5 
UTBRS Teflon Wear Blocksfor UPF201 -- 2 replacement sets
UTBSS Stainless Steel Wear Feet for UPF201S -- 4 replacement sets

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