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ULTRAPOL Diamond Laps

3000 mesh ULTRAPOL fine diamond lap

Diamond impregnated surfaces for ULTRAPOL machines

A wide range of grinding and lapping plates are available for the effective, low through-cost, removal of many materials with fixed diamond plates.

The aggressive styles allow a much higher removal rate than lapping films and loose abrasive processes -- making them a choice for removing material from large core glass medical optics and ceramic ferrules and electronic packages etc.

The finer diamond plates produce surfaces which can be finished with polishing pads and fine lapping films. 

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  • All ULTRAPOL Diamond Laps are backed with our standard mounting configuration

Product Highlights

  • Two ranges of plates - standard quality electrometallic and premium metal-bond types
  • Save on lapping films!
  • Aggressive plates available for high material removal rates

ULTRAPOL Electrometallic (Plated) Diamond 8" Plates


Diamond Particle Size

2218.1 100 Mesh
2219.1 180 Mesh
2220.1 54 micron, 260 mesh
2217.1 42 micron, 360 mesh 
2221.1 30 micron, 600 mesh
2222.1 15 micron, 1200 mesh
2223.1 6 micron, 3000 mesh


ULTRAPOL Sintered (metal bond) Diamond 8" Plates


Diamond Particle Size

2271.1 120 mesh
2272.1 42 micron, 360 mesh
2273.1 15 micron, 1200 mesh

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