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ULTRAPOL Lapping & Polishing Plates

2239.1 Anodized Alunimun flat lapping surface

A range of surfaces for various materials

A range of lapping and polishing surfaces for the preparation of many materials on the ULTRAPOL 8" polishers. 

The reverse size of an ULTRAPOL 8" plate incorpates  a center recess for convenient plate mounting on the machine, and drive-pin holes. Also included is a lipped edge to cut down on any splash generated by coolants. 

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  • Using a razor blade for redressing a polyurethane-faced lap on ULTRAPOL Advance
  • Reverse size of an ULTRAPOL 8" plate, showing center recess and drive pin holes

Product Highlights

  • Range of laps
  • used with slurries and/or loose abrasives
  • Fit all 8" lap diameter ULTRAPOL systems

Complete Laps (8 inch Diameter)




2239.1 Aluminum Lapping Plate Standard anodized flat lapping plate, used with films papers and pads
3206.8 Poly-faced Polyurethane-faced used for delayering of IC's 
2231.1 Phenolic  
2254.1 Tin-lead Solder lap 
2234.1 Steel  


Additional Surfaces (used with 2239.1 Anodized Aluminum Lap) 



2390.1 Resilient  Surface Pad Rubber-based pad, with careful durometer control. Used to achieve a PC polish of fiber optic connectors. It is placed onto 2239.1 Disc, and then covered a lapping film.
2390.5 Resilient Surface Pad  - 3 Pack of above pad
2210.1 Fiber Pad Black, polyurethane-based low-nap cloth for the delayering of IC's   with chemical/ mechanical colloidal suspensions. Long lasting. Works with many materials and especially good for achieving final surfaces for SEM & TEM Analysis. Adhesive-backed
2297.1 Poly-pad White, polyurethane zero-nap hard surface, for the delayering of IC's  with chemical/ mechanical colloidal suspensions. Long lasting. Works with many materials and especially silicon, GaAs, SiC, geological specimens and stainless steel. Adhesive-backed
2286.8 Glass Glass surface for cross-sectioning of certain electronic specimens.


2390.5 Resilient Surface Pad, 8 inch Diameter (Pack of 3)



2231.1 Phenolic
2237.1 Ceramic
2238.1 Tin
2234.1 Steel
3206.8 Polyurethane-faced 200mm diameter polishing plate
3209.8 Metal-faced 200mm diameter polishing plate
2254.1 Tin-Lead
2239.1 Anodized Aluminum (for use with abrasive mylar films)

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