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ULTRAPOL Manual Polishing Station

for convenient, practical polishing lab management

Our bench-top workstation for manual polishing provides a simple, low cost way to 'get things done' in the lab. The integral fluid containment tray allows for polishing fluids and abrasives to be collected during the workday and discarded when full, or at the end of a shirft.

The full 8" (203mm) diameter lapping surface acts is used with lapping films, papers and pads, or can itsself be covered with a glass substrate.

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  • Manual STation shown with optional 1228.1 Plexiglass cover
    Manual STation shown with optional 1228.1 Plexiglass cover

Product Highlights

  • Low cost
  • Provides a conveinent station for a day's polishing activities
  • Films, fluids and surfaces can be kept moist overnight with the optional lid
1201.1   ULTRAPOL Manual Polishing Station -- includes fluid containment tray and 8 inch (203mm) aluminum polishing surface. Can be used with films, pads or glass surfaces. 
1228.1 Plexiglass Lid for ULTRAPOL Manual Polishing Systems -- keeps films, fluids and sufaces safe and maintains moisture overnight

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