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Vise for Precision Polishing Jigs

Vise attachments are available for our MULTIPOL Precision polishing jigs. They alllow for cross-sectioning of a range of optical, materials and elctronic components, requiring the highest degree of flatness that the MULTIPOL can provide. Each vise is supplied with a threaded mounting rod that pulls the vise into the jig for firm holding during surface preparation.

Quick Release Vises are also available for smaller components where it is necessary to remove the sample holder for repeated microscope viewing.

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  • Custom Vises are also available - shown here a vise for large laser rods
6304.1 Vise Attachment for Edge polishing / cross-sectioning -- fits 2" jigs
6304.3 Vise Attachment for Edge polishing / cross-sectioning -- fits 3" jigs
6304.4 Vise Attachment for Edge polishing / cross-sectioning -- fits 4" jigs

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