Chip-Off for Digital Forensics

The reliable gathering and maintenance of data evidence is the overriding requirement for law enforcement professionals engaged in Digital Forensics. Mobile devices provide information (texts, emails, phone calls, GPS etc.) relative to a suspect's whereabouts and communications provide important evidence for an investigation.

Chip-Off is an important technique for digital forensics labs that need to access data from mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets by matter subtraction.

Older thermal chip-off techniques, using a heat-gun and a tweezer, have low yields and can lead to an unacceptable loss of data. ULTRA TEC has developed a range of mechanical machinery (precision sawing, milling and flat grinding) that keep process temperatures low and can prepare NAND Flash devices from all directions -- leading to consistency between users - and the highest obtainable yield -- with maintenance of crucial data after matter subtraction.

To meet modern law enforcement requirements, ULTRA TEC offers an extremely affordable set of tools, the ‘THIN BLUE PRODUCT LINE’, which cover the bases of decapsulation, chip grinding and milling.

For higher specification requirements we offer the ASAP-1 range of milling equipment – offering deep sub-micron thinning and polishing - along with the well-established ULTRAPOL Advance Flat lapping and grinding machine, with advanced angular positioning features.

Our Solutions Include...

  • ULTRAPOL Basic

    Manual Lapping & Polishing Machine
    • Cost-effective manual polisher
    • High Torque mechanism
    • In-built coolant system
    • Can be used with manual tools
    • Upgradeable with Long Arm Positioner
    • High Quality Build
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  • Blue Mill

    Milling, Chip-off and IC Pre-Cavitation Machine
    • Complete Solution – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!
    • No programming or ‘G-Coding’ experience required
    • Great milling results for users of all experience levels
    • Built to last – heavy-duty solid steel welded cabinet – with powder coat finish
    • Cold Chip-off for Digital Forensics of NAND Flash
    • Extremely Compact Footprint
    • For the budget conscious user who needs industry-proven results
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  • ULTRAPOL Advance

    Flat Lapping and Polishing Machine
    • Better processing results –  ULTRACOLLIMATOR option allows for improved parallelism, improving the overall flatness ‘sweet spot’ of the delayered surface
    • Fast & repeatable alignment  – precise 2-circle tilt-adjust, coupled with high quality linear bearings in the Z-axis, provide for repeatable optical alignment ‘to the die’
    • Slurry polishing –  A recirculating pump may be added, in addition to the standard water coolant system. 
    • Avoids cross-contamination –  The unique slurry / drip tray concept allows convenient removal and cleaning
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  • ULTRASLICE Macrotome

    Low Cost Sectioning System For Mobile Chips, Devices & Industry Samples
    • Suits Low Budgets
    • Manual Crank Table Feed, with motor option
    • Z-Spindle Option adds easy ability to adapt to sample height
    • Chip-Off for Digital Forensics
    • Fish & Game Samples
    • Industrial Samples
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