Materials Science

Cutting and Polishing is widespread throughout industry and research. Whether preparing samples for metallography, SEM, AFM, FT-IR spectroscopy depth profiling, and related microscopy methods or straightforward requirements for producing representative polished surfaces of bulk engineering materials or components, ULTRA TEC offers a wide range of precision surface and sample preparation equipment and techniques to meet the challenge.

Precision Sectioning

ULTRASLICE saws provide high versatility and an unbeatable combination of features for materials labs. The in-built traveling table feed provides the highest versatility holding for samples of all shapes and sizes. Long linear cuts may also be made for metallurgical failure analysis applications, with a motor robust and fast enough to handle large metallic specimens as easily as small and soft polymers and ceramics.

Lapping & Polishing

ULTRAPOL End & Edge Polisher accepts ‘Quick Release’ workholders.  For metallographic and materialographic sample preparation this approach allows for the convenient production of encapsulated samples. Edge polisher holders and SEM stub holders further extend the use of the system for precision cross-sectioning applications.

A recent enhancement is the Digital Angle Dial upgrade, which allows for extremely accurate angles to be achieved on the sample. 

For cost-effective processing the ULTRAPOL Basic can be used with a series of manual fixtures, either held by hand, or with the use of a positioning device -- the Long Arm.

For more exacting flatness or parallelism requirements, our ULTRAPOL Advance Polisher works with an in-situ ULTRACOLLIMATOR. ULTRAPOL Advance offers advanced stub workholders to fit most SEM's and FIB's and a user-friendly interface for flat sample production.

MULTIPOL provides the answer for achieving the ultimate flatness on larger samples such as geological specimens, crystals and serial sections.

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Our Solutions Include...

  • ULTRAPOL Basic

    Manual Lapping & Polishing Machine
    • Cost-effective manual polisher
    • High Torque mechanism
    • In-built coolant system
    • Can be used with manual tools
    • Upgradeable with Long Arm Positioner
    • High Quality Build
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  • ULTRAPOL Advance

    Flat Lapping and Polishing Machine
    • Better processing results –  ULTRACOLLIMATOR option allows for improved parallelism, improving the overall flatness ‘sweet spot’ of the delayered surface
    • Fast & repeatable alignment  – precise 2-circle tilt-adjust, coupled with high quality linear bearings in the Z-axis, provide for repeatable optical alignment ‘to the die’
    • Slurry polishing –  A recirculating pump may be added, in addition to the standard water coolant system. 
    • Avoids cross-contamination –  The unique slurry / drip tray concept allows convenient removal and cleaning
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  • ULTRAPOL End & Edge

    Flat And Angled Preparation Of Optical, Electronic & Materialographic Components
    • Fully Angle adjustable – produces specific wedge angles
    • Quick Release Interface allow for fast and repeatable mounting and demounting.
    • Holders available for most components
    • Fast process times
    • Low run-out lap for flat optical polishes
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    Versatile Precision Saw with Z-Spindle
    • Z-Spindle –  Allows for cutting depth to be altered even during operation
    • Versatility – The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes and applications.
    • Cutting Accuracy – The use of precision lead screws on all sample feeds means cuts may be positioned accurately
    • Long Cuts & Dicing – The large work-table andl layout of the machine allows for long cuts to be achieved – perfect for failure analysis, and QA applications such as longitudinal sectioning of components. Sectioned workpieces may be an end in themselves, or the starting point for lapping and polishing
    • Most Blade Types – The system accepts a wide range of O.D. diamond and abrasive blades for standard cutting, and is readily adaptable to accept special ‘dicing’ blades for the smallest kerf.
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  • ULTRASLICE Compact

    Versatile Precision Saw for Small workspaces & small budgets
    • Versatility – The system handles samples of most shapes, sizes and orientations.
    • Cutting Accuracy – precision lead screws on all feed directions
    • Long Cuts & Dicing – A large work-table and ‘open’ system design allows for longitudinal sectioning and dicing
    • Sectioned workpieces may be an end in themselves, or the starting point for lapping and polishing
    • Most Blade Types – a wide range of diamond and abrasive blades is available.
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  • ULTRASLICE Macrotome

    Low Cost Sectioning System For Mobile Chips, Devices & Industry Samples
    • Suits Low Budgets
    • Manual Crank Table Feed, with motor option
    • Z-Spindle Option adds easy ability to adapt to sample height
    • Chip-Off for Digital Forensics
    • Fish & Game Samples
    • Industrial Samples
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Our Decapsulation Products Include


    5-Axis CNC Mill for Selected Area Sample Preparation
    • IN SITU RST Upgrade – No tilt/curve translation errors – single footprint solution
    • Adaptive 3D Mesh & Curve Mapping
    • Import Overlays – use X-RAY, C-SAM images to improve targeting
    • Two RST Versions available-  NIR  (≥10 microns) and VIS (≥ 10 nm) for ultra-thinning
    • High-Def Digital Cameras — all native 4K (UHD)
    • Option for (up to) 32” Vision Monitor
    • Program by Touch, Mouse/Keyboard or REMOTELY
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  • ASAP-1® IPS

    Digital Selected Area Preparation System
    • 2nd Generation Unit (for 2024)
    • Accurately decaps, thins & polishes
    • die, package, wafer and board-level
    • 2 UHD Stage Cameras – front & side
    • Target Camera and overlay software options
    • Touchscreen with physical joystick & encoders
    • Full 100 x 100 mm Stage area
    • X, Y and Z axes all have deep sub-micron accuracy
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  • Blue Mill

    Milling, Chip-off and IC Pre-Cavitation Machine
    • Complete Solution – NO COMPUTER REQUIRED!
    • No programming or ‘G-Coding’ experience required
    • Great milling results for users of all experience levels
    • Built to last – heavy-duty solid steel welded cabinet – with powder coat finish
    • Cold Chip-off for Digital Forensics of NAND Flash
    • Extremely Compact Footprint
    • For the budget conscious user who needs industry-proven results
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