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Jim Colvin contributes two chapters regarding Sample Preparation to the Microelectronics Failure Analysis Desk Reference (7th Edn)

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ULTRA TEC is pleased to announce that Engineering Consultant, Jim Colvin – working in part with his son, Christopher – has contributed two significant chapters to the recently published 7th Edition of ASM’s “Microelectronics Failure Analysis Desk Reference”. Long established as the touchstone for electronic FA professional, the new edition looks set to carry on this tradition. The publication is …

Top Surface Profile Scanning Now Available for improved Device Thinning & Precision Decap

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A new physical-contact Top Surface Scanning mode joins the feature set on ULTRA TEC’s ASAP-1 IN SITU Selected Area Prep System. Top Surface Scanning proves especially advantageous for when removing distinct successive material layers within semiconductor packages — such as multi-die stacks — where dies often need to be individually mapped to ensure resultant decapsulation success. Top Surface Scanning, moreover, …

Book Recommendation

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In “Failure Analysis: Who Needs It?”, George F. Gaut Jr. provides important insight to the Failure Analysis field that most books don’t do. FA uses many engineering disciplines to accomplish the desired result of making or keeping an operation or business successful.  Gaut’s book looks into the FA profession, the skill-set and analytical tools and techniques required and how FA might make sense …