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  • NANOpol

    Bare Fiber Beveling System

    NANOpol offers the fiber optic communications industry the ability to produce accurate polished bevels on bare optical fibers.

    Angular control is achieved with the advanced positioning features of the integral micropositioned polishing head.

    Designed for the price-conscious university and research environments, NANOpol uses a 4 inch diameter polishing lap – a size specially chosen for improved flatness/run-out and low consumables costs.

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    QA And Measurement Station For Fiber Lensing With Optional On-Line Camera
    • Accepts ULTRAPOL Quick Release Fiber Lensing Fixtures
    • USB Camera(s)
    • QA availability for improving polishing yields and results
    • Advanced Suite of Angular and length measurement characteristics in software
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  • ULTRAPOL Fiberlab Module System

    Optical Fiber Lensing Machine
    • Fast Load & Unload
    • Fast, Effective Polishing
    • Wide Angular Range
    • Digital Angle Readout Option
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