Antireflective Coating System For Backside Analysis


  • Fast and convenient – 45 second process
  • Up to 30% more transmitted photon efficiency
  • Up to 60% improved contrast under NIR
  • Inexpensive to own and operate
  • Bench-top, quiet, room temp. process
  • All package types and sizes
  • RC can be done ‘in-house’ – NO BAKING
  • Assists and optimizes emission microscopy, Laser, FIB, voltage, thermal, FMI, probing, and most other backside techniques
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Antireflective coating system for backside analysis

ARC-lite is the only system to offer fast, reliable, room temperature AR coatings on package and wafer level devices. ARC-lite is used as a free-standing unit for AR coating polished backside surfaces. The sample produced are optimized and require no baking.


ARC-lite reaches maximum functionality when used with the ASAP-1 Selected Area Preparation System — The ARC-lite sample mounting plate can be conveniently transferred between ARC-lite and ASAP-1

Advanced Imaging Fluids

Two proprietary imaging fluids provide ARC-lite users with optimized backside imaging. The standard “EMMI” fluid has been recently joined by a new “FIB FRIENDLY” fluid that offers improved temperature stability, to allow backside modifications to be carried out on AR coated parts.

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