Flanges (Cheek Plates)

For Precision Saws With 0.5 Inch Arbor (Spindle)


  • Improve blade performance
  • Decrease kerf
  • A range available for fine tuning the sawing application
Order Code:


for Precision Saws with 0.5 inch arbor (spindle)

Flanges (Cheek Plates) are sold as a pair. They reduce the lateral wander of peripheral (OD) blades under loading, keeping kerf to a minimum. Flanges should be chosen to leave the minimum size annulus of diamond blade to achieve the minimum cut depth required. ULTRA TEC’s flanges are precision machined to ensure highest results.


ORDER CODE (sold as a pair) O.D. Inches
 3525.1 2
 3525.2 2.5
 3525.3 3
 3525.4 4
3525.5 5