Sample Parallelism Alignment With LASER Precision


  • Works in conjunction with tilt controls to control sample alignment
  • Improves alignment accuracy up to 20X
  • Suits topside & backside electronic sample polishing
  • Suits requirements for double sided polishing
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Sample parallelism alignment with LASER precision

ULTRACOLLIMATOR modules allow the user to produce the finest results of sample parallelism with both flat lapping and selected area preparation machines. The units produce a ‘single box’ solution, incorporating an lcd screen and all the controls required to align the sample.

The use of optical alignment allows for simpler faster and significantly more accurate alignment to be achieved on a range of sample types and applications including: Crystal polishing,  Double side wafer polishing, Topside de-processing of layers of metal circuitry for  electronic failure analysis and competitive analyses, Backside polishing of packaged computer dice for ‘through silicon’ microscopy.

Accuracy Better than 1 minute of arc
Power Requirement 90 to 250V AC, 50/60Hz: (on Advance and MULTIPOL models

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