Low Cost Sectioning System For Mobile Chips, Devices & Industry Samples


  • Suits Low Budgets
  • Manual Crank Table Feed, with motor option
  • Z-Spindle Option adds easy ability to adapt to sample height
  • Chip-Off for Digital Forensics
  • Fish & Game Samples
  • Industrial Samples
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Low cost sectioning system for mobile chips & devices

ULTRASLICE Macrotome precision diamond saw has a quiet, safe, direct drive design for smooth, chatter free slicing system for important and fragile industrial samples.

The system is perfect for the sectioning of cellphone devices and components to allow for downstream chip-off techniques with our milling and polishing equipment.

MACROTOME suits many other industrial applications.  If you have such an “other” application, talk to us about it and we can confirm suitability – perhaps by cutting samples.  Macrotome may represent a low cost solution for you.

The wheel (spindle) rotation is variable speed, to allow for optimized cut quality. An easy access coolant reservoir, allows for efficient coolant changes.

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